seminyak villa
HISTORY of The Dragon

The Seiryu Villas Seminyak

the seiryu villas seminyak

The Concept

The Seiryu comes with affluent treasures of Japanese art and philosophy. Virtually all corners of public area within the villas are gingered up with the artistic elements of dragons and samurai sword. Right from the entrance to the last unwinding abode in the room, this theme is always present. Unlike usual gallery, “this exhibition” opens near you around the clock. Aside from the theme above, four seasons in Japan are also presented through the paintings in sakura floral motif. As the spirit of The Seiryu intended for couple, these ornaments are entirely encouraging the harmony of couple.

the philosophy

The Philosophy

The Seiryu Villas is named after two Japanese Kanji vocabulary, "Serenity" and "Dragon," symbolizing the harmony between humans and the dragon-like shape of the Japanese archipelago which resembles a dragon. The villa features four different dragon symbols, each with its own meaning.

Firstly, there is the "Byako," a dragon painting on the lobby wall that represents the meeting of a couple in springtime. The second dragon, known as "Sujyaku," is formed by the shadow of a lamp in the Japanese garden and represents the most beautiful and happy age. The third dragon, "Seiryuu," is made of glass on the reception wall, symbolizing the difficult moments encountered by the couple as they navigate through life. Lastly, the oldest dragon, "Genbu," is made of rocks and pebbles in the garden lobby, symbolizing the couple overcoming their toughest challenges and finally being able to live together. These dragon symbols add a touch of meaning and symbolism to the Seiryu villa.